All informations summarized

Step by Step

In this overview you can follow all our steps from the inquiry to the finished stationery. It also describes in part why we have set our guidelines in such a way that we can communicate openly and transparently. 


Our list of questions is based on experience and questions already asked by some customers. It is constantly being expanded and can contain answers to a wide variety of topics.

- stationery heaven -



Printing with the Heidelberg Windmill

- old printing technology meets contemporary design

This type of printing gives the thick cotton or handmade paper a very special touch that you can see and feel. The letterpress printing makes the card itself a breathtaking eye-catcher! 

With a specially manufactured printing plate, the print image is pressed and printed into the paper. This gives the stationery a high-quality look, as a normal digital printer cannot do this. 

blind embossing

Embossing To Finish The Paper

- when fingers slide over the paper

Blind embossing is discreet and yet a sensation for the eye and the sense of touch. With a blind embossing or a discreetly coloured embossing, the stationery is not only admired longer, but also remains in the memory longer. Blind embossing not only looks great on the edge, but can also develop its full effect in the text. Patterns, images, floral elements or much more can round off the design with an embossing. The production of blind embossing works in exactly the same way as letterpress printing, but no ink is used.

gold leaf

The most ornate and highest quality finish

- each sheet becomes a unique piece

The printed artwork is given the finishing touch with a gold or copper leaf border. Each individual piece is finished by hand with the metal leaf. This gives each guest an absolutely unique piece. Gold or copper makes everything look much more noble and precious. Just the way you want your big day to be!


the right paper is the be-all and end-all

paper is so much more than just a blank sheet

Our processing and the corresponding end result stands and falls with the paper. Therefore, we are very keen to use only high-quality paper. Even the inexperienced can feel the difference between cheap and premium paper. We have a wide range of selected paper options and are constantly trying to expand them.

Handmade paper - cotton paper - transparent paper - Japanese paper - paper with structure - everything your heart desires!

Wax seals

An unspeakable effect

- formerly an insignia - today a refinement

There are endless possibilities in the world of seals. Not only round seals, but also square, rectangular, oval, borderless are details that can be chosen. Seals can also be refined: With gold, dried flowers or multiple seal colours. We have a selection of non-personalised, semi-custom seal stamps, or can design one to your specifications. If you are as fond of them as we are and want to decorate your stationery with them, we will quickly find the right seal according to your concept.

Ribbons and Loops

The final touch to perfection

- paper and fabric - a wonderful combination

A beautiful accessory is silk ribbons, velvet ribbons, papertwines or rubber threads, tied in the form of bows or knots. They can be used purely for visual pleasure, or of course as a means to an end. They increase the anticipation of the recipient, who is told by the ribbon that he or she is holding something very special and festive in his or her hands. The ribbons can differ in material, colour and width. The silk ribbons are dyed with natural products and are therefore the highest quality variant we currently offer. 



The Most Beautiful Way To Package Joyful News

- first impression counts

Envelopes and covers can also be made according to your ideas. Whether you want the envelope flap to have a certain shape or the cover to be made of paper with a leather look - envelopes and covers are an important part of your stationery and another way to let your creativity run free. The wide range of options we offer means that the stationery can be coordinated and staged even better!

Special shapes

Personalisation On A Different Level

- the guaranteed wow-effect

The ultimate in stationery is to work with shapes. Many people expect rectangular or square stationery. But with the possibility of punching the stationery with our platen or cutting it with a plotter, a door opens for you into another world of stationery. This means that your desired theme or element can not only be printed on paper, but can also be used as a form to highlight your special day in various places. Detail card, name card, envelope or menu and drink card - there are plenty of possibilities to integrate special shapes!

Step by Step

For our clients, we try to keep the process as simple and structured as possible. We also strive to increase the anticipation of your event through the design of the stationery! You can read in detail below how the process of creating your personalised stationery at Malina looks like.



After an enquiry has been sent to or via our contact form, an appointment will be made for a non-binding consultation. The meeting can take place in person on site or digitally. During this meeting, we will find out which elements you like and what your ideas are. Before the consultation, you will be given a questionnaire to fill out so that you can think about certain things beforehand, so that the meeting is as effective as possible. In this conversation we get a feeling of what kind of stationery suits you, what your preferences are and can use this to assess whether this matches our work. We are happy to get to know you and are eager to listen to your stories! This way we can design the perfect stationery for you!



Based on the consultation, we can create an offer that fits your wishes. If the number of pieces or other elements are not yet fixed, the invoice can be adjusted by mutual agreement during the design phase. The quotation will show the unit price for various elements, so you will not be exposed to any big surprises afterwards. In the initial quote, you can add or delete items to give you the opportunity to adjust the overall package to your budget or wishes. After you have decided what is suitable for you, the offer will be updated.



The confirmation that you accept the revised offer and thus a cooperation with me is made by a deposit. This deposit amounts to 50% of the total amount of the offer. Once the money has been received, the design phase is opened! 


Design phase

Depending on how detailed the first consultation was, or if further elements were added in the offer, a second consultation may be scheduled. However, it happens less often, as we like to communicate via instant messaging services to simplify communication. It is very important in this phase to have your support regarding texts, addresses and names. This way, the design phase can be reduced to a minimum of the average time. Through frequent exchanges and requests, between one and two designs (depending on the scope) are digitally created and presented. After that, 2 correction loops are included in the price.



Once you are satisfied with the final design, we need your written approval to proceed to the production phase. This is necessary because we have our printing plates produced by different service providers and they cannot be changed once they have been ordered. Therefore, you should definitely carry out a proofreading to make sure that no mistakes have crept in (four-eyes-principle). The approval also serves as the final confirmation that you agree with the design and that you do not wish to submit any further ideas.



As we make your stationery, you can sit back and enjoy the anticipation! Depending on the permission you've given us, you can watch us make your stationery by a few Instagram stories! 



When you receive your unique stationery, you will also receive the final invoice. 

- the naked truth -


  • As we are a letterpress workshop, we will only accept orders where at least one element of your stationery project is to be printed or embossed with our platen. Please understand this, as our main focus is on letterpress and this service characteristic is what makes Malina.
  • We would also like to emphasise that we are not just a print shop, but that our passion is rooted in art. For this reason, we have adopted a certain style that we find difficult to discard. Do you like our work so far? Then you have come to the right place!

It is always difficult to say a certain time span, as our capacity as well as the requests vary greatly in terms of time. Therefore, our advice: as soon as the date and location of your event is fixed! It also depends on what you want to have. If it's name cards, 3 weeks in advance is enough. If it's an invitation set, at least 3-4 months before the delivery date would be an advantage.

To confirm our offer, 50% must be paid in advance. Especially in the design phase, we invest a lot of thought and time in the concepts. We are all the sadder when these ideas are simply taken and implemented by other service providers or even ourselves. Therefore, we would like to have a guarantee that our design phase will be honoured.

If the contract is cancelled 14 days before delivery, 75% of the total amount must be paid. If the contract is cancelled 7 days before delivery, 90% of the total amount must be paid.

Payment can be made via Paypal, bank transfer or cash. 

Indecision is normal and understandable. That's why we are here and will first initiate a consultation. This way we can support you from the beginning and help you find the right stationery with a few questions, tips, advice and facts. The form you will need to fill out before our first meeting will help us to quickly identify where more clarification is needed. In advance, you can have your say on certain questions that might be answered too quickly and uncertainly during the consultation.  We are always happy when our clients communicate their preferences, ideas or no-go's via pictures or mood boards! Also through our experienced assessment, we quickly recognise which stationery suits you and help you in the decision-making process. It is important that you decide on a style or theme so that we can build on it. Please take the time you need and feel free to contact us at any time if you need our opinion!

A consultation is not absolutely necessary, but it helps immensely, as questions often arise during the consultation. If you already know exactly what you want, you can send us everything in the contact form or in an email. We can still clarify the remaining details via email or Whatsapp.

No, the number of pieces is only an indication for the beginning, but it is needed with the start of the production phase. Depending on special requests, there may be delays as certain orders can only be placed once the number of pieces has been received.

Basically, we do not want to exclude anyone on the basis of the number of pieces required. However, we can say from experience that letterpress projects are often only ordered for quantities of 30 cards or more, as the printing plates and the working time at the platen are independent of the quantity in terms of price. This means that the more cards ordered, the cheaper the price per piece. Letterpress is not always used for large projects such as name cards or menu cards, so there is also no minimum order quantity.

We are always open to new materials and are constantly looking to expand our range. We strive to use only the best quality for our stationery. If we are convinced by the new products, we are happy to include them in our repertoire. However, we do not want to use low quality material in order to stay within the customers' budget.

Basically, we are happy about your ideas and suggestions that you explain to us with pictures. We ourselves are inspired by the work of others and try to explain with pictures in consultation meetings. However, we respect every artist and their work. Therefore we are very sensitive about copying other ideas. Ideas and requests about images from different platforms are welcome, but we will not make 1-to-1 copies! We would rather create new art for you and put this out into the world as further inspiration! 

We are happy when we have customers from all over the world and we can send the stationery to them!

The stationery can also be collected or delivered free of charge within a 15km radius to our letterpress workshop.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

- All about the money -

Our Price categories

It is very difficult to give exact prices with this wide range of possibilities. Most orders for wedding invitations range mainly between 500€ and 4500€. Customisation costs of an existing collection result from the respective additional work. For this reason, all prices are based on the personal quote that will be provided to you. You are welcome to state your budget for your wedding stationery, so that it can be taken into account during the consultation and an offer can be made based on it. Of course, the full budget is not always used, but on the basis of this you can discuss what options are available.


All collections, which you can find under the tab of the same name, are calculated without design costs but only with adaptation costs. Elements such as reply cards or detail cards can also be added or omitted. Bows, seals or envelopes can also be omitted or changed in colour if not needed. Therefore, the price can vary greatly.


Stationery that suits you and your wedding is designed and produced with dedication and passion. In this category, your design will be included in the collections at the end, so that subsequent customers can choose this suite. 

In order to be able to realise a project according to your wishes, a design fee will be charged.

There are different flat rates for the design work, which you can read about under Small, Medium and Large .

Premium customised

This category is also designed to create personalised stationery for you. The special thing about it, however, is that this collection will be exclusively reserved for you. This means that no other customer will be able to select the design from Malina in the future. 

For this reason, a one-time surcharge of 400€ will be applied for the uniqueness and exclusivity.

The design cost flat rates can also be applied here. 


Small - 310€

- Main invitation card

- Detail card

- Menu card

- Name card

Medium - 410€

- Save the Date Card

- Main invitation card

- Detail card

- Menu card

- Name card

- Thank you card

- Seal stamp

Large - 495€

- Save the Date Card

- Main invitation card

- Detail card

- Reply Card

- Menu card

- Drinks Card

- Name card

Location Map

- Thank you card

- Seal stamp

The flat rates only include the design work of the individual stationery. Material costs and working time are charged additionally. 

The elements of the flat rate cannot be chosen arbitrarily.

Price example

Design individual (without flat rate)

Main card 2 colours letterpress and blind embossing on 600g cotton paper

Digital print on 300g cotton paper

Gold border on both cards

Vellum wrap with white print

Velvet bow

Seal from the range (not individual)

For 50 pieces = 852,13€